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Master Kong officially becomes exclusive sponsor of NBA China

By Yutang Sports Thursday, 18 Jun 2015 15:20

Pepsi claimed their partnership with NBA. They officially replaced Coke Cola and became the exclusive sponsor of NBA in April. Recently Master Kong, the Chinese partner of Pepsi, announced that they were NBA partner in Great China.

According to the source, the reason why Master Kong announced the partnership 2 months after Pepsi did is that the contract of Coke Cola and NBA just expired these days.

As a member of “Pepsi-Master Kong union”, Master Kong took the exclusive partnership with NBA China. From next season, Master Kong will be official market partner of NBA China. Master Kong Ice Tea will be the official drink of NBA China Games and several fans activities.

“It is a big deal to work with NBA”, the Chief Marketing Officer of Master Kong, Li Ziqiang said. The financial statement indicates that the profit of Master Kong downsized for about 1.97% in 2014, and the soft beverage giant is definitely in need of a big deal to get back to their feet.

Source: sina.com

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