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NBA China to bring basketball to Chongqing

Thursday, 28 May 2015 14:30   |   By Yutang Sports


NBA China plans to build NBA-standard stadium and public basketball courts in the New North Zone of Chongqing, as was revealed by the senior vice president of NBA China, Yang Dongwei. 

Chongqing is one of the metropolitans of China in the Southwestern part of China. NBA China is having discussions with New North Zone of Chongqing and Chongqing Gaoke Group on how to collaborate to bring NBA culture to the city. 

The discussion includes building a stadium that has 18,000 seats and is good enough to hold a real NBA game. They also plan to build a series of facilities with NBA’s sports culture, including NBA health center, NBA children’s playground, and NBA Yao’s Club. Yang said that NBA China hopes to play an official NBA game in Chongqing in the future. 

The New North Zone of Chongqing will cooperate with Gaoke Group to build a sport and culture area using this opportunity. 

NBA China will go to Chongqing in June to build some public NBA-style basketball courts. This month, NBA’s public courts in Shanghai have been completed. Building basketball courts in various cities of China is part of the strategic agreement between NBA China and the Ministry of Education of China. 

Source: Tencent

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