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Kung-fu Shaolin football to partner Alles Door Oefening

By Chen Yaping Saturday, 14 Nov 2015 09:45

Henan Youth Kung-fu Shaolin Football Training Base was founded in Dengfeng Tagou Kung-fu School Tuesday on November 10th. As Liu Haike, president of the school introduced, they would seek more strategical cooperation with Alles Door Oefening (ADO), a Dutch football club from the city of The Hague, in youth football player training.

There might be disputes over linking Kung-fu with football because of the mystery of Chinese Kung-fu. However, Liu saw the future of Kung-fu football since the launching of helpful sports policy and prosperous development of sports industry in China. The president thought that Kung-fu and football have much in common, because Kung-fu calls for skills, flexibility, courage as well as patience, which is beneficial for football players to work with teamwork by following the rules.  

It is reported that 50 boys and 50 girls have been selected into two classes, who would receive professional football training by coaches from local sports schools. Liu said, they would invite top managers from ADO when the deal is finalized in the near future.

Source: Tencent Sports



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