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C’estbon:seized popular games to penetrate new markets

By Yutang Sports Friday, 12 Dec 2014 17:03


C`estbon entered Beijing water market around 2003 for the first time. They tried commercials on BTV-Sports and on buses, but did not achieve good effects. 

Yutang Diagnosis

In regional markets, major brands are very mature, and it is not easy for new brands to enter the market through traditional ways. However, regional sports games receives much attentions, thus are more suitable to be the starting point.

Strategy and implementation

There was Italian Super cup 2011 between AC Milan and Inter Milan, which attracted much attention. C’estbon became the exclusive supplier of water,and appeared during players training and during the game.


C’estbon laid a solid foundation in the Beijing market through Italian Super Cup and gained much more brand awareness. Now it ranks among the top 3 in Beijing’s water market.



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