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Chinese national football team rich in sponsorship this year

By Intern at Yutang Sports Wednesday, 02 Sep 2015 17:00

Now the football environment sees a sign of recovery the top class in the government pays close attention to football, and the football leagues are developing well. The outside world is positive on the prospects of Chinese football.

The day before yesterday, the Chinese Football Association and Changan Ford held a signing ceremony, announcing that the automaker became Team China's Presenting sponsor. In the next four years, the seven national teams of Team China will get the company's sponsorship. Before finalizing this deal, Gionee, a mobile phone brand also signed with the Chinese Football Association on August 29.

In May, the Chinese Football Association's statement announced that the cooperation price of the new main sponsors shall not be less than $50 million a year, the lowest price of official sponsors being 20 million a year, and the cooperation price of official suppliers shall not be less than 10 million a year.

Actually in January this year, Team China's clothing sponsor was changed from Adidas to Nike. Team China got more than 100 million yuan each year and this sponsorship lasts for 5 years. Compared with before, at least now Chinese national football teams get their wallets full.

Source: Netease



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