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Cai Zhenhua indicates CFA will “decouple” while staying connected

Thursday, 19 Jan 2017

Cai Zhenhua, the President of the CFA, indicated that the football reform program would see the organisation “decouple”(from the General Administration of Sport) while staying connected, and he hoped that local football associations could have their own leagues in 1-2 years.

Favorable interaction required for healthy development of Chinese football

Wednesday, 18 Jan 2017

As the Chinese Football Association Super League (CSL) prepares for the new season, some clubs have engaged in an arms race -- scrambling for good foreign players with a breathtakingly high price.

CFA releases annual financial report for the first time

Wednesday, 18 Jan 2017

Zhang Jian, the General Secretary and Deputy Chairman of the CFA, released the 2017 Financial Budget Report, which is the first time that the CFA has ever released its financial report.

Kelme provides official match balls for C2L

Friday, 13 Jan 2017

CFA officially announced that Kelme has won the bid to provide official match balls for the Chinese Football Association Second Division League (C2L) and become the official ball supplier.

Chinese Football Management Center officially removed from system

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017

On January 5th 2017, the name Football Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China was officially removed from the system.

General Administration of Sport to cap footballer’s wages

Friday, 06 Jan 2017

Chinese government to regulate the abnormal spendings on player transfers among CSL clubs.

Chinese Professional Football League to launch in March

Friday, 06 Jan 2017

A Chinese professional football league including CSL and CL is to be launched in March.

200% increase in 2017 CFA youth training budget

Friday, 23 Dec 2016

The CFA (Chinese Football Association) has approved the budget plan for national youth football training in 2017.

Sino-British soccer training agreement signed in Shanghai

Thursday, 15 Dec 2016

the British Council signed the Sino-British Campus Football Coach Training Framework together with the Federation of University Sports of China, China School Sports Federation, EPL and the English FA.

Spending more than income - CSL clubs still in the red

Thursday, 08 Dec 2016

CSL Clubs are still losing money despite of enormous media rights price.

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