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Luyuan: sports marketing No. 1

By Evtimes, translation by Yutang Sports Thursday, 18 Jun 2015 18:00

As a leading brand of China’s electro mobile industry, Luyuan made its unique way to achieve splendid commercial accomplishment. To some extent, Luyuan might be the No.1 electro mobile company in China which engaged in sports marketing and sponsorship.

When it comes to Luyuan, Chinese people would often connect the company with FC Real Madrid, the most successful football club in Europe, because it became the sole sponsor of Madrid in China. The partnership with Real Madrid enabled Luyuan to gain a huge amount of impression as well as financial benefits.

However, merely becoming the sponsor of Real Madrid is far from the group’s ambition. With the International Champions Cup (ICC) drawing near, Luyuan declared to ally with LeTV sports who claimed, in March, to draw the tournament into Chinese market. Although ICC was held for only twice in America and Canada, the tournament gathered several famous clubs including Real Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester United, and so on. What’s more, International Champions Cup created a record high impression for its organizer. In 2015, the tournament would have its matches in China, and that led to Luyuan’s seeking for cooperation with LeTV sports who had already got the broadcasting right of ICC. There is no doubt that Luyuan had made a fabulous decision.

Besides, sponsorship and partnership endowed Luyuan the chance to pushing out its series products. After becoming the Chinese sponsor of Real Madrid, Luyuan accelerated its pace of promoting new series products—the “Real Madrid Family” motorcycle. At the same time, ICC in China, whose one key participant is Real Madrid, will definitely contribute to Luyuan’s marketing as well as expanding. With the proceeding of the tournament, Luyuan will also certainly not neglect the opportunity to broadening its overseas market. There would be sufficient reasons for us to witness the company’s maximization of its marketing and profiting. 

Luyuan, one of the most ambitious electro mobile company, was constantly making its breakthrough with the help of sports marketing. Luyuan is the No.1!

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