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CSL to introduce referees from Europe and America

By Chen Yaping Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017 15:09

The 2017 Chinese Super League is expected to introduce experienced referees from Europe and America for the 27th round. The CSL also plans to implement the video assistant referee (VAR) system in the 28th and 29th rounds.

The decisions were made at a meeting presented by the Chinese Football Association (CFA), which were attended by general managers of all the clubs in the CSL, the China League One and the China League Two.

Unlike what they did in the past, the CFA will select foreign referees from Europe and America instead of from the Asian market.

The video assistant referee (VAR) system will be used in some of the major matches in the 2017 CSL, as Zhao predicted.

According to our earlier report, the Chinese national football governing body has tested the Additional Assistant Referee (AAR) system in some of the China League One and CSL matches. On September 20, the CFA has signed a 20 million yuan deal with a FIFA technology service provider.

Source: Sohu

Proofread by William Logsdon 



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