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CSL sponsor JD.com taps campus soccer

By Pu Yang Thursday, 10 Dec 2015 12:00

One of the leading Chinese e-commerce sites JD.com, an official partner of Chinese Super League (CSL), now has reached a title sponsorship deal with Dingzu Youth Football Club to boost the campus soccer in Suqian, Jiangsu Province, China.

Despite no terms of the deal being released, JD has expanded their soccer portfolio from Chinese top tier soccer league to a campus-based soccer club for junior students in an East China city.

“Through the partnership with (Suqian) Sports Bureau, JD will actively play a part in all kinds of work to develop Dingzu Youth FC”, said Peng Cheng, deputy general manager of JD East China.

“(In this way), JD hopes to do a bit as an enterprise to help develop youth soccer in Suqian and also to boost the sport in China in the future”, Peng added.

JD.com signed a five-year strategic partnership deal with the CSL in 2013 and also broaden cooperation with nine CSL teams.

Source: Yangtse Evening Post



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