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The number of 2017 marathons nationwide to exceed 500

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017 14:00

Wang Dawei, the Deputy Director of the Athletic Administrative Center of the General Administration of Sport, said: “It is expected that there will be over 500 marathons nationwide in 2017.”

The explosive growth in marathon running, according to Wang Dawei, has come about by itself rather than through planning, with the development of the social economy as well as the increased consciousness of fitness in the general population. He stated, “On one hand, China has achieved great advances in the development of its social economy, people have enhanced their health awareness and now have a stronger desire for fitness. On the other hand, marathon is simple and economical, which suits the majority of people. Apart from improving people’s health index from inside to outside, running can contribute to muscle building as well as regulate cardiovascular functions. Participation in marathon can bring you the enjoyment of the occasion as well as spiritual satisfaction.”

According to statistics, the number of Marathons registered with the Chinese Athletic Association (CAA) reached 328 in 2016, which shows an explosive growth. If we count in folk marathons not registered with the CAA, the number would be higher. In 2015 the corresponding number of registered marathons in China was 134. 

Source: Sohu

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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