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Infront links up with Chinese Athletics Association

Monday, 11 Jan 2016 11:00   |   By Chen Yaping


The Chinese Athletics Association (CAA) said yesterday that they have reached an agreement with Wanda-backed Infront China. 

The agreement, announced at the Marathon Gala China 2015 in Guangzhou, will see Infront China become a partner of Chinese marathon events. 

As reported in news stories, in 2016 the two sides are to launch the Happy Run-Chinese 10k Championships. This leading event will consist of six events during the year. The tournaments will be open to beginners as well as professional runners. In the near future, the amateur runners will be able to compete with professional athletes in the same arena.

In the past two years, Infront has created its own Happy 10k Run, a series of events that aim to encourage beginners and cater for an ever-increasing number of runners. As Hongtao Wu, Fashion Sports Executive of Infront, said at the gala, the 10-kilometer run will play an important part in the Chinese marathon system.

Source: Netease

Proofread by John Devlin

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