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Christmas Marathon at the Cold Pole of China 2016 held in Genhe

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 27 Dec 2016 15:04

On Dec 25th, the Christmas Marathon at the Cold Pole of China 2016 started in Genhe, the place in China where Father Christmas departed from. 

The temperature in Genhe has been known to drop to 58 degrees Celsius below  freezing point, the lowest temperature in China. On the day of the event, the temperature in Genhe was -30 degrees Celsius. Over 400 people participated in the half marathon and mini marathon, some of whom came from Beijing and Huhhot.

The Christmas Marathon 2016 is a newly-added highlight to the fourth Chinese Cold Pole Festival. It was a meaty ice and snow feast, which included activities such as reindeer sledding, Bonfire Dancing, a Snowmobile Race, a Chinese, Russian and Mongolian beauty pageant, Cold Pole Art Performances, Cold Pole Expert Three and so on.

It is reported that this marathon will continue to be held in the following years.


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