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United Vansen to close acquisition of Hague football club ADO Den Haag

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015 15:00

Chinese media reported that the acquisition of Hague football club ADO Den Haag by Chinese company United Vansen is to be completed around the end of January. 

The website of the club published a news release regarding the acquisition. Maarten Fontein, the CEO of the club announced in the release that the deal was going to be closed in the coming weeks. He had arranged a shareholders’ meeting at the end of January. 

He came to China on Sunday, 18th January, to discuss with Mr. WANG Hui, the president of United Vansen, about future plans of the club. He would remain as the CEO of the club, as agreed with United Vansen. There would be no announcement as to the price the club would receive for the acquisition. 

Back in June 2014 the club first announced the likely acquisition. 

United Vasen International Sports is a Chinese football and sports promoter, and has been involved in taking European super cup matches and other events to China. It did Italian Super Cup, French Super Cup, and Spanish Super Cup. It was reported by Chinese media that the company hopes to improve Chinese football by this acquisition. 

Source: Adoforexpats, WFIA, and TAKEFOTO. 

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