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CMC to invest US$100 million in SECA

Friday, 22 Jan 2016 11:00   |   By Pu Yang


China’s sports marketing company SECA World announced yesterday (January 21), at JW Marriott Hotels Beijing, that the company has raised around US$100 million from China Media Capital (CMC).

Speaking about the deal, CMC President Li Ruigang said “China’s sports industry has entered into a golden era and is developing at a high speed. We believe, that within a few years, we will see significant innovative development in native Chinese sports events, brands, personnel, marketing and even operating systems.”

“SECA is a fore-runner in this industry and has in-depth knowledge of the market and its operation after years of accumulated experience. This will be an important part of the presence that CMM holds in sport,” Mr. Li continued.

As Li Sheng, President and CEO of SECA, said “Obtaining capital is a wonderful start, but we are still at the preliminary seeding stage and can’t monetize any of our projects in the near future. However, if we carefully nurture them, we can reach great achievements and bring more vigor to Chinese sports.”

CMC has been a heavy spender in sport over the past year, most notably with the lucrative CSL broadcasting deal and the investment in City Football Group.

Proofread by John Devlin.

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