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Shanghai Marathon extend Nike deal

Thursday, 04 Feb 2016 15:20   |   By Chen Yaping


Nike Inc., the international sportswear giant, have renewed a deal with the Shanghai International Marathon to extend their sponsorship by 5 years, according to a report posted on Tuesday. 

The event, an annual marathon held in Shanghai during late autumn, will receive continued support from the sportswear company. As the event’s Premium Sponsor, Nike is aiming to provide better equipment and tracking services, as well as present a digitized marathon. 

Under this deal, the two sides are going to upgrade the event’s official running application Nike+, which will serve users the latest race information and connect to other runners across the world. In addition, the Nike+ Run Club will be introduced to help participants receive professional training in daily life.

Nike has been a partner of the Shanghai Marathon since 2012. The new deal will extend their strategic partnership until 2020.


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