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Wo Jiang Agriculture title sponsors WCBA side in Xin Jiang

By Pu Yang Monday, 12 Oct 2015 13:30

Wo Jiang Modern Agriculture Co. Ltd. became the title sponsor of the newly promoted WCBA side, Xin Jiang Women’s basketball team.

The deal, reportedly worth at RMB4.4 million, will make the Xin Jiang’s provincial female basketball team change its name to“Xin Jiang Wo Jiang” in the upcoming WCBA campaign.

The length of the title sponsorship, however, was not disclosed at the signing ceremony.

In addition, the club also revealed new logo and mascots that come from the “Deer God” based in Mountain Tianshan.

As a professional team in 2014, Xin Jiang Women’s basketball team becomes a new player of China’s top basketball league among females after standing out among 20 teams alongside Tianjin and Shanxi in the playoffs in March.

“Xin Jiang Women’s basketball team completed a clean sweep from the preliminary stage to advance to the 2015/2016 WCBA, and the new team is set to impress in the new journey with a new profile”, said the director of governing body of sports in Xin Jiang Autonomous Region.

Source: Netease



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