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Huawei to Sponsor Leopards

Monday, 24 Aug 2015 15:20   |   By AllAfrica, edited by He Lanying


Kenya Premier League side, AFC Leopards has the possibility to land a sponsorship deal from Huawei, one of the leading electronic gear manufacturers from China, according to news released by AllAfrica.

During a meeting with Huawei Africa regional CEO Dean Yu, Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi said AFC Leopards needed an injection of long-term sponsorship to offset sporadic and uncertain financial status.

"Despite problems, the team is not doing badly. It has good and determined players who need support to concentrate on the game. The problem is in management which will be restructured to meet the conditions of the sponsor," said Mudavadi, who was accompanied by Cecafa secretary general, Nicholas Musonye.

According to a statement by Mudavadi's communication director Kibisu Kabatesi on August 22, Yu said the request will be given due consideration after an official memorandum is presented.

"Huawei is a global telecommunication conglomerate, which wants to make a footprint in Africa and sports sponsorship is one way of making ourselves noticed. We are ready to listen to you," said Yu according to the statement.

Taken from AllAfrica

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