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Why companies are so eager to the sponsorship of NBA stars?

By Wingshang,translation by Yutangsports Friday, 26 Jun 2015 17:30

Recently, Nike replaced Adidas to become the exclusive sponsor of NBA. It seems that the sponsorship of NBA as well as basketball stars is becoming more and more popular for sports companies like Nike, Under Armour, and even China’s ANTA. However, why do those companies become so eager to the sponsorship? Actually, the answer lies in what can those companies gain from sponsoring NBA.

There is no doubt that NBA matches can be a perfect natural advertisement to promote their products. When sports stars conquered their rivals with their tremendous performance, the audience would inevitably notice their kits and the logo of sponsor. In this way, sales can be easily elevated.

In the 115th United States Open Championship, Jordan Spieth became the one who laughs last. As Spieth’s sponsor, Under Armour (UA) got the attention from golf fans all over the world. Coincidentally, the same thing happened on another arena which is located in Cleveland when Stephen Curry, whose sponsor is also UA, led the Warriors to the champion of NBA Finals.

Things of ANTA is quite similar. On October 2014, ANTA became the official partner of NBA. This is the first time for NBA to authorize Chinese company to use its brand. Afterwards, ANTA promoted a series of products like sneakers with logos of NBA and NBA basketball clubs. What’s more, ANTA signed with Thompson, another key player of the Warriors, and designed the sneaker “KTFIRE” for him. All those efforts paid by ANTA finally turned out to be worthy. The spokesman of ANTA disclosed that the cooperation with NBA stars can obviously stimulate the sales of sneakers. Compared with 2013, the sales of sneakers increased almost 40% in 2014. Now, ANTA claimed that they cannot wait to provide more great basketball kits for NBA fans.

Besides, another Chinese sports brand Peak also engaged in the sponsorship of NBA in the recent period of time. Peak is preparing for an activity during which NBA stars like Landry will pay a visit to China. Those stars will have face-to-face interaction with Chinese young basketball fans. Peak believed that the celebrity effect created by NBA stars will be a strong pushing power for the increase of kit sales.

Through sponsoring NBA basketball star, sports brand companies could indirectly stimulate sales. That is the chief reason why they are so eager to the sponsorship.

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