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80 million! Shenzhen’s company to sponsor Yanbian FC

By Yutang Sports Friday, 26 Jun 2015 11:00

On June 25, China’s football club Yanbian FC got a sponsorship from Fude Holdings Group, a life-insurance company in Shenzhen. Fude will devote 80 million RMB to Yanbian’s future plans including the development and reform of the club’s professional football.

According to their sponsorship agreement, Yanbian FC will establish eight new football schools. Fude will obtain the exclusive naming rights of those schools which covered 300 thousand squares meter in total. All schools will be named as “Fude Football School”.

In addition, both sides agreed to select, during the following three years, excellent football school students to experience and to learn the professional training of foreign football clubs. They will set up a foundation to support the cultivating of coach. During 2015 and the following three years, Yianbian FC will gain 20 million RMB per year from Fude to fulfill the club’s ambition.

According to reports, the cooperation between Fude and Yanbian will last for at least three years. If Yanbian FC finally rushed into Chinese Football Association Super League, the club will gain extra bonus from its deep-pocketed sponsor.

Source: mt.sohu



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