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Changchun Yatai names Baicheng as its first youth training base

Friday, 24 Nov 2017 14:15   |   By Chen Yaping


November 23: The Chinese Super League (CSL) outfit Changchun Yatai F.C. has signed a strategic partnership with the Baicheng City government of Jilin Province.

Under their deal, the CSL club named Baicheng as its first youth training base in Jilin. Combining professional football with campus-based football, the two sides have selected Baicheng Experimental High School and Baicheng Tielu No. 2 Primary School as pilot schools for the project.

Yatai, with 9 youth football teams of more than 200 players, has decided to focus its youth training projects on local cities, fostering reserves for the club.

As the Club General Manager Zeng Jiaofeng said, he really hopes that Yatai can boost the development of campus football in Baicheng and receive more outstanding young players from Jilin Province.

The signing ceremony was also attended by Zhang Xiaofei, the ambassador of the Yatai campus football project.

Source: Sina

Proofread by William Logsdon 

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