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Argentina interested in Chinese football

By Yutang Sports Sunday, 17 May 2015 14:48

Argentinian football club Atlético River Plate plans to launch a Chinese version of its website recently, according to the club’s media officer who told journalist of Xinhua agency. The website is said to be launched at the start of June which is going to be used to mainly introduce the club’s football culture and be closer to the Chinese market. 

Apart from the website, the president of the club is also considering helping China with its football talents development, buying players from China, and playing matches in China. 

Club Atlético Boca Unidos is another club which is working with Chinese football. In July 2014, Boca Unidos accepted 17 young players of Beijing Guoan to train in the club for one month. In this January, 16 students of the football team of Tsinghua University Primary School trained for two weeks at the club. 

The Argentine Soccer Association (AFA) also pays a lot of attention to cooperation with Chinese football. In February, Saint Monica, the commercial agency of Argentine Soccer Association, signed a ten-year strategic cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University Primary School. The two sides will build a Youth training base in Beijing. AFA will send coaches to the base and students of the school can go to Argentina to accept training. 

Source: NetEase 

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