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Dongqiudi gains 350 million RMB in C-round financing

By Meng Shuai Tuesday, 06 Sep 2016 15:16

Dongqiudi announced that they have gained 350 million RMB for C-round financing which was led by Suning. Tianxing Capital and Sequoia Capital also invested in this round. 

In February 2014, Dongqiudi got angel investment of several million yuan from K2VC. In May 2014, it gained USD$4 million in A-round from Sequoia Capital. In September 2015, it gained USD$10 million in B-round financing from Arena Capital.

The lead invester, Suning, had purchased 70% of FC Internazionale Milano with 270 million EURO In June, becoming the first Chinese consortium to hold the Italian Serie A giant club and the largest shareholder of Inter Milan. Suning also owns the Chinese Super League club Jiangsu Suning FC. 

Dongqiudi is an app focusing on football news and user generated content (UGC). According to the latest statistics, there are 28.6 million users at present. The users aged from 18 to 35 years old account for 66.15%. Most of its income now comes from sales of advertisement.



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