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Vanke refused to invest in soccer and basketball

By Yutang Sports Monday, 06 Jul 2015 12:00

Recently, Wang Shi, the president of Vanke, came to Wuhan for opening ceremony of The 21 Asian Rowing Junior Championships. During an interview, Wang announced that Vanke will continue to push the development of rowing. However, in terms of soccer and basketball, Wang claimed that they would never get involved.

In last September, Wang became the chairman of Asian Rowing Union. His designation was regarded as a reform of China’s sports system. Now, Wang is a visiting scholar at Cambridge University. Because of the Rowing Championships, he put off his research for now.

Actually, sports fans’ impression of rowing is far less stronger than that of soccer and basketball. The annual budget of Asian Rowing Union is only 700,000 dollars. However, Wang declared that the budget would grow to 1 million dollars, and Vanke would spare no efforts to contribute to it.

Finally, Wang did not express any ambition to step into the field of soccer and basketball. He announced that Vanke will never invest in those sports events because they have no interest in them.

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