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Stephon Marbury earns more than $3.2m annually in China

By Yutang Sports Wednesday, 13 May 2015 12:00

Media reported that former NBA player, Stephon Marbury, who plays in Beijing Ducks of CBA, has over $3.2m annual income now in China. 

Basketball Pioneers reported that Stephon Marbury did not have a significant pay rise this year after Beijing Ducks renewed his contracts. His annual salary is around $1.2m to $1.5m. 

As a comparison, the foreign player Andray Blatche bought by Xinjiang Flying Tigers in the last season had an annual salary as high as $2.5m. 

However, although Marbury’s salary is not very high, he attended various commercial events as a result of his super high popularity in China. He acted in the stage show “I Am Marbury”, and participated in a movie Niuyue Ren Zai Beijing (A New Yorker in Beijing), the name of which had some similarities with a famous Chinese movie in the 80s “A Native of Beijing in New York”. 

According to some sources, Marbury’s income off the basketball court was no less than $2m. Marbury is preparing for his career after the retirement which is not far away, by participating in the various events and earning extra money. 

Source: Sina 

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