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CBA’s 5-year plan : A small step towards further reform

Friday, 07 Jul 2017

The CBA League (Beijing) launched a new competition plan for the 2017-2022 seasons at a recent press conference held on June 30.

CBA Summer League to kick off in July

Wednesday, 07 Jun 2017

The Chinese Basketball Association have confirmed that in July, the 2017 Yangtze River Delta Professional Basketball Clubs Challenge will kick off in Shanghai.

CBA gives up shares in CBA League Company

Friday, 28 Apr 2017

CBA led by Yao Ming is going to give up its shares in its CBA League Company.

Yao Ming elected President of CBA by unanimous vote

Friday, 24 Feb 2017

Yao Ming was elected as the new President of CBA by a unanimous vote.

CBA plans to spend 8 -12 years building professional referees team

Thursday, 16 Feb 2017

The director of the CBA League Office indicated the CBA plans to spend 8 to 12 years building up a professional team of referees.

Infront start negotiations with CBA on priority renewal issue

Thursday, 12 Jan 2017

After a successful 12 year win-win partnership with CBA, Infront Sports & Media have started priority renewal negotiations with the Chinese Basketball Association.

Yao Ming leads preparation for CBA leadership transition

Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017

It was announced that Yao Ming and Li Jinsheng, the Vice Chairman of CBA, would jointly lead the preparation for the 9th CBA National Convention and Leadership Transition Meeting.

Gou Zhongwen issues 10 recommendations on basketball development

Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017

The General Administration of Sport has issued 10 important recommendations on China’s basketball development, including the suggestion that Yao Ming be invited to become the CBA President as well as Chief Coach of the Men’s Basketball Team.

Guangdong Tigers set up sports training company

Monday, 26 Dec 2016

Winnerway, the owner of the CBA club Guangdong Tigers, set up a sports training company to develop basketball talents.

Official CBA League company launched in Beijing

Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016

A press conference to launch the CBA League (Beijing) Sports Co., Ltd was held today in Beijing.

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