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Li Na joined Australian health brand Blackmores

By Yutang Sports Friday, 24 Apr 2015 16:00

Lately Shanghai witnessed Australian health brand Blackmores and Chinese tennis star Li Na releasing a media conference to public the signing ceremony of partnership between the sides.

Grand Slam, Good Living appears to claim that Li Na, two-time Grand Slam champion, has set best example in leading a healthy lifestyle.

In the announcement, Blackmores CEO Christine Holgate said, “It is a remarkable milestone in our business and I'm so pleased to have Li Na as our ambassador.”

In spite of retirement, Lina, with legacy, would take advantage of her devotion and success in tennis to promote the values that people hold in healthy life manners, Holgate continued.

As Li Na said, health is not only critical for athletes but also for non-athletes.

She also revealed that she had been using Blackmores for years, long before she joined the Australian brand.

Despite more details of the deal were yet revealed, undoubtedly Lina will help deliver health programs provided by Blackmores to more Chinese consumers.

Source: Morning Post

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