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Renewal of contract between Real Sociedad and Qianbao

By Yutang Sports Monday, 30 Mar 2015 15:00

La Liga season haven’t finished yet. Yesterday, Jokin Aperribay, president of Real Sociedad, came to Nanjing again and signed an all-round cooperation agreement with Qianbao. Apart from shirt sponsorship, the new deal also covered cooperation on other dimensions, such as title sponsorship of the new arena of Real Sociedad, exportation of talented young Chinese players abroad as well as importation of youth training system to Nanjing.

In order to develop a diversified collaboration built on previous cooperation, a delegation led by Jokin Aperribay came to China in advance to negotiate programs regarding to strategic partnership in 2015-16 with Mr. Zhang Xiaolei, president of Qianbao, and other top executives. During this meeting, the two parties got major breakthrough on the direction of player development. Since the release of China’s Soccer Reform Plan, relevant reform plan including campus football, which aims to establish mechanism for football talent pool, drew much attention from public. Both Qianbao and Real Sociedad show their willingness to have a deep and comprehensive collaboration on youth development.

For Zhang Xiaolei, it is just the beginning to cooperate with a soccer team in La Liga, while a complete soccer ecosystem for Qianbao is forming; the first step is to establish their own professional team, and then send young players to overseas league through sponsorship. Those young talents would finally come back to Chinese leagues to facilitate the development of Chinese football.

Besides exportation, Qianbao also needs importation. According to the cooperation framework agreed by both parties, Qianbao, will select several middle and primary schools in its own province, serving as the youth training bases for Qianbao Club. In the meantime, Real Sociedad will introduce their 70-year youth training system to Nanjing, send excellent coaches, and craft professional learning and training plan, in order to develop young players in an all-around way.



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