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PISEN announced as official sponsor of CBA League

By Liu Weijia Wednesday, 15 Jan 2020 10:29

On January 12, the CBA League and PISEN Official Sponsors signing ceremony was held in Guangzhou with both sides officially announcing PISEN as the official sponsors of the CBA League. Mr. Wang Dawei, CEO of CBA, and Mr. Zhao Guocheng, chairman of PISEN, attended the ceremony and signed the contract on behalf of both sides. Mr. Yao Ming, chairman of CBA,  was also in attendance at the ceremony.

PISEN says it hopes to attract the attention of more young consumers, enhancing its brand identity and emotional connection with users.

The number of basketball fans in the Chinese market is huge with the total number of fans who pay attention to basketball content on Weibo said to be  more than 100 million. On the other hand, the presence of stars such as Yi Jianlian, Jeremy Lin and Zhou Qi, has contributed to the bright and positive business value of domestic basketball in China.

Since 2016, PISEN has seen sports marketing as a long-term brand strategy. According to Mr. Zhao Guocheng, PISEN uses sports marketing as a long-term brand strategy, not only because China has hundreds of millions of growing sports fans, but also wants to maximize the potential of people or teams through sports. In the future, PISEN aims to further accelerate its international layout. In the next three to five years, he added that PISEN plans to make its 3C intelligent mobile and peripheral products a leading brand in the world.


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