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Adidas NEO co-brands casual shoes with Wangzhe Rongyao

By Zhao Litong Wednesday, 10 Jul 2019 19:36

Adidas have announced that they have formed a co-branding partnership with the popular mobile game Wangzhe Rongyao (the Chinese version of Arena of Valor) to roll out a limited new series of sports shoes.

The series combines the features and qualities of 5 popular characters from the game with fashionable elements characteristic of Adidas NEO series of shoes. Specifically, the 5 characters used will be Li Bai, Da Qiao, Zhuge Liang, Gongsong Li and Kai, making it three male and two female characters.

The Adidas NEO series are more casual and life-oriented compared to other previous series, and therefore appeal to students and young people, who also happen to be the main followers of eSports. The decision to partner with Wangzhe Rongyao, a hugely popular mobile game, is a step towards attracting more young people to the NEO series. The co-branded shoes will be enticing to game players, especially those who like to use the aforementioned 5 characters that have inspired the new series of sports shoes.

The new series will be available in select stores, on the Adidas official website, and on  Tmall, the Chinese e-commerce platform, starting July 13

Reference: qianlong.com

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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