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2016 List of Top 50 Most Influential Sports Brands in China released

By Wei Ruili Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016 15:49

On December 19 2016, dongshiju.com and the China Data Center jointly released the 2nd edition of the Top 50 Most Influential Sports Brands in China 2016. 

The list includes many categories in sports or related to sports, like sports equipment, sportswear and footwear, smart fitness devices, fitness apps, sports media, sports agencies, academies, etc. 

Dongshiju.com is a website that provides information and guidance to the board members of Chinese companies. The China Data Center is an integrated big data industry-study-research organization in China based at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 

This list contains both Chinese sports brands and well-known foreign sports brands such as Adidas and Nike. 

To take a look at the 2017 list, please refer to 2017 TOP 50 Most Influential Sports Brands in China.

Below is the full list: 

1 Nike, US 

2 Converse, US 

3 Anta, China 

4 Adidas, Germany 

5 Reebok, US 

6 Peak, China 

7 Puma, Germany 

8 Li-Ning, China 

9 Yonex, Japan 

10 NewBalance, US 

11 Mizuno, Japan 

12 Kappa, China 

13 Umbro, UK 

14 Spalding, US 

15 Met-Rx, US 

16 Double Fish, China 

17 Decathlon, France 

18 DHS, China 

19 LeSports, China 

20 Butterfly, Japan 

21 Head, Austria 

22 Flex, UK 

23 Keep, China 

24 Kawasaki, Japan 

25 TheJoyRun, China 

26 Domyos, France 

27 FEIERDUN, China 

28 Hupu, China 

29 JoinFit, China 

30 JLSports, China 

31 Toread, China 

32 Kansa, China 

33 ZJStar, China 

34 ShuHua, China 

35 Impulse, China 

36 XingDong, China 

37 Victor, China 

38 Vango Sports, China 

39 ToSwim, China 

40 KaiKang, China 

41 TaiShan, China 

42 Speedo, Australia 

43 Oxelo, France 

44 Intersport, China 

45 Ruosai, US 

46 Quechua, France 

47 Oceans, China 

48 Snode, US 

49 Cougar, China 

50 Bestray, China  

Source: dongshiju.com

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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