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China’s eSports users expected to reach nearly 300m people by 2018

By Nong Ruowen Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 18:20

According to a report released by Penguin Intelligence and Tencent eSports, the number of eSports users in China is expected to reach 220 million by the end of 2017, while another eSports research organization in China, CNG Data, predicts that the number will increase to nearly 300 million by 2018.

The eSports market is embracing a booming expansion in the gaming industry. China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association has disclosed that in 2016, the eSports market in China was worth RMB 50.46 billion, an increase of 34.7% from 2015. 

Already in the first half of 2017, the eSports industry has generated RMB 35.99 billion in total, 43.2% more than the first half of 2016.

Insiders think that part of the reason for this thriving boom in eSports was the support of the government for the eSports industry. 

Up to now, China’s General Administration of Sports (CGAS) has organized two mobile eSports events while eSports has been officially included on the Asian Games 2022 official sporting programme in Hangzhou. Additionally, eSports has also been featured in the Chinese government plans and policies for the sports industry. 

Another fact worth mentioning is that the number of Chinese capitals and companies taking steps in eSports keeps increasing which will benefit the long-term development of the eSports industry. These eSports events, clubs and players have become new targets for them to invest in or conduct their marketing campaigns. 

However, according to CNG Data, it cannot be denied that the eSports industry in China still has a great potential to be tapped. 

Source: news.candou.com 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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