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iRena to set up International league of sports-content eSports

By Nong Ruowen Friday, 25 Aug 2017 16:56

August 23: iRena, one of the first companies to enter into the sports industry in China, announced at a press conference that they had set up an international league of sports-content eSports together with their partners, including Ourgame and Gamepoch, two of the leading gaming companies in China.

According to Sohu, this league will cover a wide range of games, including NBA 2K18 and other sports games launched by top gaming companies. By partnering with Ourgame and other eSports event platforms, this league will see over 1,000 original sports-content eSports events taking place each year. 

Additionally, specialized eSports venues will be secured for this new league, including major eSports venues in China along with Allied eSports, a leading eSports event and venue operator in the US and Europe also featuring. This league will also serve eSports clubs and create an eSports hardware platform. 

“iRena have rich resources in football, basketball and volleyball. As a result, we want to integrate these resources into the international league of sports-content eSport, in order to promote the sports-content eSports, sports betting and sports gaming industries and overall support the sports industry in China.” stated Gao Hong, CEO of iRena. 

Source: sohu 

Proofread by Raymond Fitzpatrick

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