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Lagardère Sports to expand its Chinese business

By Chen Yaping Wednesday, 23 Aug 2017 13:30

Lagardère Sports, a world leading sports marketing agency, has announced the launch of its Shanghai office on Tuesday in an effort to boost its Chinese operations.

With its exclusive partnership with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Lagardère Sports has been growing its business in China for over two decades.

The agency set up a subsidiary in Shanghai during December 2016, which provides advice to both Chinese clients looking to increase their international image, and to international brands and rights holders seeking to expand their businesses in China.

The Shanghai office delivers services like marketing, sponsorship, content creation, brand consulting, stadium management, athlete agency and event operation.

As of now, Lagardère Sports has established a network of more than 60,000 rights holders, brands, hospitality clients and broadcasters around the world. Its partnerships also include 100 European football clubs, 3 FIFA confederations and several major American professional sports leagues.

“The launch of our new office in Shanghai marks the next chapter in the history of Lagardère Sports in the region,” said Andrew Georgiou, CEO of Lagardère Sports. “We have great aspirations for China, a country brimming with exceptional talent and immense resources that has made it a front-runner in business, technology, sports and entertainment.”

Source: Sina

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