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Under Armour wins trademark infringement case in China

By Chen Yaping Monday, 07 Aug 2017 14:07

Sportswear brand Under Armour has won its trademark infringement case in China against Fujian-based company Uncle Martian, according to a Netease report.

The court ordered Uncle Martian to destroy all infringing products, pay approximately US$300,000 in damages and post a statement to eliminate the side effect of its infringement.

The pair’s dispute started in April 2016 when the Chinese clothing company began selling athletic wear with logos that Under Armour claimed infringed its rights. The company even displayed a photo of the Under Armour logo on its Weibo account.

Two months later, Under Armour filed a suit at the People’s Higher Court of Fujian Province, arguing that Uncle Martian was blatantly using its logo, name, and intellectual property. The Chinese sports apparel company, however, denied those connections and is planning to lodge an appeal.

Reports also said that Jinjiang-based Tingfeilong Sports Company, Uncle Martian’s creator, was once involved in a New Balance knock-off dispute  using the same slogan. 

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Proofread by William Logsdon 

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