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Codoon confirms partnership with C’estbon

By Nong Ruowen Friday, 02 Jun 2017 21:11

As reported by China.com, China's leading sports and social platform Codoon has reached a partnership with China Resources C’estbon Beverage (China) the leading brand in drinking water in China. This agreement will see C’estbon offer mineral water and beverages as activity supplements to Codoon-based running groups scattered over 100 Chinese cities. This is C’estbon’s breakthrough In domestic Chinese running groups sponsorship, with Codoon becoming the first running App which addresses the low-quality drinking water issues in its own running groups.

According to Shen Bo, Founder & CEO of Codoon, C’estbon will supply Codoon-based running groups with 400,000 bottles of mineral water and 100,000 bottles of sports beverages across 300 running-themed activities throughout China. It is expected that each activity will attract over 80 Codoon-based running groups participants. 

The first Codoon-based running group was set up in 2014. Overtime, alongside running groups, other sporting groups, such as cycling have also joined Codoon’s platform. Up to September 2016, over 176,000 sporting groups had set up on Codoon, including over 100,000 running groups and 30,000 cycling groups. 108 of these running groups containing over 130,000 members have been officially approved by Codoon. 


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