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General Administration of Sport to cap footballer’s wages

By Yutang Sports Friday, 06 Jan 2017 14:41

Recently the spokesman of the General Administration of Sport said in an interview that, the General Administration of Sport would step in to regulate issues like high football transfer fees. The regulation will cover three areas: the restriction on foreign players’ payments, the nurture of local players, and the development of club youth training.

Strengthen the financial review and regulation of clubs. Gradually get the top players’ payment controlled within a reasonable range. Insolvent clubs will be eliminated from the professional leagues.  

Set an upper limit for player transfer fees and player payment to restrain irrational investment. As for the introduction of foreign players at a high price, find a way to charge a fee for bringing them in and use it as football development fund for youth training. Crack down on irregularities like signing fees and twin-contracts.

Find a balance between fulfilling the function of foreign players and nurturing local players without compromising the quality and fairness of the competition. For example, through adjusting the points calculation method in the league, to encourage clubs to field more local players on their teams. More specifically, slightly adjust the points calculation to encourage local players to play a more active and significant role. Or increase the chances for local youngsters by setting a rule that there must be 1-2 players under the age of 21 (22, or 23) in the squad or to start of the game.

On the issues that clubs focus only on the short-term results but ignore youth training and building a strong club, the Chinese Football Association should take effective measures. Firstly, increase investment in youth training, reduce the employment risk of football talent, and build a fair and effective football competitive environment. Secondly, increase the quantity and quality of the teams. Thirdly, set up and execute a joint compensation mechanism in football transfers and encourage clubs and other training organizations to invest in youth training.

Source: Xinhua Net

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin



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