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CSI-Bally Total Fitness looks for new business model in fitness industry

By Gu Huanhuan Thursday, 22 Dec 2016 14:40

CSI-Bally Total Fitness Limited Company have announced that they will upgrade to a new brand of life-styles concepts, Uion Life, which is about to change the business style of traditional annual prepaid memberships in the fitness industry. By using artificial intelligence, they intend to build up a lifestyles platform with SaaS+, so as to transform it into a management platform with a multidimensional, personalized business model to meet the needs of different people. 

CSI-Bally Total Fitness is a wholly owned subsidiary of the China Sports Industry Group Co. Ltd which is the earliest listed company in the sports industry. When it first entered the health industry, CSI-Bally Total Fitness established a joint venture, CSI-Bally Total Fitness Club, with a foreign professional fitness institution.

The head of CSI-Bally Total Fitness stated that their aim is to reduce the risks of prepaid membership, to improve user experience and to create a healthy fitness business ecosystem, so as to search for a change from the traditional business model of the fitness industry which is a bottleneck that is difficult to break through.

Source: Quanjing 

Proofread by Sean O Diobhilin

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