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Lifan missed the last chance to change hand

By Yutang Sports Friday, 16 Jan 2015 13:00

January 15th is the deadline for the CSL access.For Chongqing Lifan,it is a long day,they failed to fulfill all the procedure,and had to put off the transfer.According to the China Football Association(CFA),the new owner of Lifan did not provide the document on time,which means Lifan could not change hand by now.Lifan would still be qualified to play in 2015 CSL only if they put forward the application.

As the local media of Chongqing said,Chongqing would play in CSL in the name of Lifan,because the contract they signed with the “new owner” said if they failed to get the access to the new season, the contract would become null and void.Yin Mingshan, as the owner retracted the transfer as well.

Good news comes that a local enterprise tends to invest in the team,provide monetary aid to Chongqing Lifan.The players in the team came back to train voluntarily and show the full confidence to the club.

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