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Suning to become lead investor in Dong Qiudi

Tuesday, 06 Dec 2016

Dong Qiudi App confirmed that Suning will be the lead investor, while Tianxing Capital and Sequoia Capital will invest 350 million Yuan.

Dongqiudi gains 350 million RMB in C-round financing

Tuesday, 06 Sep 2016

Dongqiudi announced that they have gained 350 million RMB for C-round financing which was led by Suning. Tianxing Capital and Sequoia Capital also invested in this round.

NBA China launches mobile app

Monday, 18 Apr 2016

NBA China has released the league’s first mobile app in China to the Apple China App Store and Android.

Skiing online community Goski launches mobile apps

Friday, 09 Oct 2015

A new Chinese skiing online community Goski was created earlier this year, got an angel investment, and launched an app a few days ago.

Financing opportunities for the trend of sports APP?

Wednesday, 15 Apr 2015

With the rise of jogging craze, all sorts of sports APPs start up their “new sports mode”

HTC launches Grip, a fitness band for Under Armour’s Record app

Tuesday, 03 Mar 2015

HTC announced its long-awaited wearable on Sunday at Mobile World Congress.

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