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PEAK Sport to sponsor Nigeria Basketball Federation

Thursday, 07 Jul 2016 12:00   |   By Pu Yang


China’s sportswear and sports equipment manufacturer PEAK Sport has agreed a partnership with the Nigeria Basketball Federation. The announcement came at the 2016 FIBA Stanković Continental Champions’ Cup press conference on Monday.

The agreement sees PEAK Sport become an official sponsor and equipment supplier of Nigerian basketball’s governing body.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Besides the agreement with the Nigeria Basketball Federation signed today, we have also agreed partnerships with the basketball governing bodies of Serbia, Germany, New Zealand, Latvia and Iran,” said PEAK Sport CEO Xu Zhihua.

“As a leading sports brand in China, we firmly believe we will maintain a sound momentum of growth and keep making innovative breakthroughs to solidify PEAK Sport’s presence as a top basketball brand in China,” Xu continued.

PEAK Sport is a Fujian-based sportswear and sports equipment provider which specialises in basketball. The brand has been an official partner of the FIBA Stanković Continental Champions’ Cup since 2005 when the tournament was initially launched.

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