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Absen to invest $ 4.5m in sports industry

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 16:10   |   By Wang Hailong


Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co Ltd, announced yesterday (9th May) it would invest $ 4.5 million in Artixium Display Ltd to take up a 51% share of the company.

While the headquarters of Artixium Display Ltd is located in HongKong, the company is owned and managed by Europeans.

Artixium is a LED Display manufacturer and distributor founded in 2014 and it has a wealth of clients in the sports industry, according to the statement.

Absen said in the statement that, based on Artixium Display's rich client resources, strong product development & innovation ability and its fast growth in the future, this investment will boost Absen’s business scale.

But firstly this investment still needs due diligence investigation and further negotiation.

Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co Ltd is a high-tech firm founded in 2001. It concentrate on LED Lighting, LED display and LED Light encapsulation fields.

Source:Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co Ltd

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