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The purchase of Malaga close to completion

By Yutang Sports Monday, 06 Jul 2015 15:20

Recently, Jiang Lizhang, the president of Desports, confirmed that the purchase of Spanish football club Malaga by a Chinese company is going to be finished.

Desports was a sports marketing company which played the role of intermediary in the purchase. This is the first time for one party of the purchase to verify the existence of the transaction.

Actually, the purchase had already been reported by Chinese media in May. As for the Chinese part, there used to be two rumors. One announced that a Chinese investor in Fujian Province did the purchase while the other disclosed that Double Co., Ltd will be the owner of Malaga.

Jiang revealed that the new owner of Malaga is not from Fujian, and he did not disclose who the potential buyer of the club is. He only describe the new owner as a Chinese financial group. Jiang announced that both parties had signed the contract of the purchase. The Chinese financial group will hold over 95% of the club’s stock rights. Before the next season’s La Liga, the purchase will come to an end.

Desports believed that Malaga is filled with business potential. If the purchase can be successfully completed, the company will develop further cooperation with the club in commercial rights. It is believed that the purchase will supply Chinese soccer players with more chances to fight for European clubs.

Source: jiemian.com

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