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Beijing CSMF partners Chengde Sports Bureau

By Pu Yang Wednesday, 23 Dec 2015 17:00

Beijing CSMF Sports Industry Limited, the organizer of the Chinese Sports Marketing Forum, yesterday (December 23) reached a strategic partnership  on winter sports with Hebei’s Chengde Sports Bureau.

At the signing ceremony, Ma Jinliang, director of Hebei Sports Bureau’s financial department, Zhang Shuguo, director of Chengde Sports Bureau and Yuan Fang, Chairman of Beijing CSMF were all in attendance.

Under the agreement, Chengde Sports Bureau will play its role in Hebei’s provincial economic belt which is based on winter sports. It will work in co-operation with Beijing CSMF, which is renowned for its Chinese Sports Marketing Forum and as a sport-related business incubator.

The partnership will see the two sides make a joint effort to help upgrade the sports industry in the city.

“The strategic partnership signed by Chengde Sports Bureau and Beijing CSMF Sports Industry Limited will certainly inject a new vitality into the sports market in Chengde, improving the service system and promoting the sporting environment”, said Zhang Shuguo.

Chengde is a prefecture-level city in Hebei province, situated northeast of Beijing.

Source: HeheChengde.cn

Proofread by John Devlin.



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