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TAG Heuer sues CBA agent Infront China

Tuesday, 10 Nov 2015 16:10   |   By Chen Yaping


TAG Heuer, a CBA timekeeper and wristwatch partner, was forced to suspend the partnership to start a suit because of contract-breaking of Infront Sports & Media China, the CBA’s exclusive agent in China, announced the wristwatch brand Monday on November 9th.

TAG Heuer said, they signed an exclusive wristwatch partnership deal with Infront China on September 29th this year after one-year substantial negotiations, becoming the official timekeeper and wristwatch partner of CBA 2015-2017 Season. However, Infront China noticed to terminate the deal without any warning, but claimed the first-stage sponsorship from TAG Heuer, who is said to actively seek friendly communication and reasonable solutions but refused by the agent.

According to the wristwatch company, there is evidence that another wristwatch brand's logo has been printed on part of tickets and posters, which is serious noncompliance. Up to now, the case has been accepted by Beijing Chaoyang People's Court. 

Source: Sina Sports

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