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Sina Sports and AFP team up for Rio games and UEFA Euro 2016

By He Lanying Thursday, 05 Nov 2015 16:10

International news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) and Chinese online news portal Sina Sports have announced a partnership deal on Noveber 3. 

AFP Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel Hoog and Asia-Pacific Director Philippe Massonnet visited the headquarter of Sina in Beijing and agreed an cooperative agreement with Sina on sports content related to 2016 Rio Olympic Games and 2016 UEFA European Championship.

Under the agreement, Sina Sports will be awarded the rights to use exclusive sports content from AFP, including English news, photos, videos and historic archives. 

The two sides hope to provide sports content consumers with a better report on the Rio Games and UEFA Euro 2016 in a more diversified and standard way.

Emmanuel Hoog said, “The partnership with Sina Sports is a combination of premium media platform with great content. The credibility and influence of media is very important in current era. We believe the team-up will provide fans with more exciting events content and more importantly we are trying to make media an indispensible part of sports event.”

Wei Jianglei, General Manager of Sina Sports, said, “APF has a great influence across the world. The partnership will have a significant impact on Chinese media industry.”

Source: Sina



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