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NeuLion streams US Open to tennis fans in China

By SVG Monday, 14 Sep 2015 11:00

NeuLion is delivering the US Open on CNTV 5+ VIP, China’s digital premium subscription service for live and on-demand global sports events.

According to Pyramid Research, subscription video-on-demand services in China will rise to 28.3 million users and generate over US$1.2 billion in 2016. Pyramid Research states the main appeals of OTT video services in China include exclusive access to a wide range of content, including premium sports, real-time interaction during popular sports games, multi-screen access and OTT subscriptions at similar rates to basic cable TV fees.

CNTV 5+ VIP, powered by the NeuLion Digital Platform, offers viewers throughout China an exclusive high-quality video experience across multiple devices with interactive touch points allowing them to dive deeper into the sports action with live stats, multiple camera views, real-time highlights, scores, chat and more.

“We are thrilled to stream one of the world’s largest tennis events to viewers in China,” says NeuLion CEO Dr. Kanaan Jemili. “Our technology and video infrastructure in China has allowed us to deliver a high-quality video experience for viewers throughout the country that are looking to consume global sports events including the Olympics, US Open, World Cup and more. China has been and will continue to be important to our corporate growth strategy.”

CNTV agrees that NeuLion has been instrumental in providing the highest quality digital sports experience with CNTV 5+ VIP. As we add more global sports events, CNTV 5+ VIP continues to be the go-to destination for viewers to consume and interact with live sports on multiple devices. Both CNTV and NeuLion are thrilled with the success of the service and look forward to continuing to grow this digital platform in China.

The NeuLion Digital Platform is an end-to-end platform providing licensed components from content ingestion, encoding and management to content security and monitoring that streamline the content delivery process. The platform facilitates the streaming and sharing of high-quality content up to 4K, including premium sports and entertainment content.

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