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PPTV Sports sealed exclusive La Liga deal

Wednesday, 05 Aug 2015 17:00   |   By Yutang Sports


PPTV Sports, a leading online sports streaming platform in China, held a press conference this afternoon to announce the 5-year exclusive La Liga deal.

This has diliminished the rumors that CCTV would acquire the rights of La Liga for the next five years.

Under the deal, PPTV Sports will hold the all-media rights of La Liga in mainland China, Taiwan and Macau from 2015-2020 for 250 million euros.

PPTV Sports have acquired the rights to present La Liga through various channels including TV networks, online streaming, new media platforms or public shows.

And the deal also enables the emerging online broadcaster to sign sub-license deals with others.

In addition, PPTV Sports will be able to negotiate with LFP about kick-off time of key matches in favor of Chinese supporters.

Fan Zhijun, CEO of PPTV Sports, commented: “Broadcast and distribution of La Liga are just parts of the operation strategy around La Liga. PPTV Sports is set to transit the business into sports industry operation in the future”.

At the press conference, the brand also announced the signing with Shen Fangjian, former football commentator at CCTV 5.

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