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Commercial Wushu league launched in China

By Yutang Sports Tuesday, 14 Jul 2015 11:00

The first professional Wushu league of China, National Wushu Club League, was launched in Beijing on Sunday. The league is backed by Yangming Zhongtian (Beijing) Film and Media Corp., Ltd. 

Associates at the General Administration of Sport of China said that, sports events market has huge potentials but Chinese traditional sport Wushu has not been proactive in developing and taking advantage of this market; the launch of the professional Wushu league would provide a public cultural exchange and communication platform for Wushu, and would promote the sport with modern business operations. 

Yangming Zhongtian said that their aim ultimately is also to promote the sport; competitions would just be the means to achieve that goal. It is supposed that the league would increase the number of potential audiences, and lay a foundation for future activities on campuses, in governmental institutions, enterprises, and other organizations in the future. 

It is said that the league is designed to become a national and even an international platform for Wushu competitions. There would be no strict restrictions for athletes’ actions—modern fighting techniques can be adopted, but the use of traditional Wushu techniques would gain higher scores. 

Source: NetEase 

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