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Wesing Sports renew agreements with IWF

Tuesday, 22 Nov 2016

International Wushu Federation signed a new sponsor.

BKS goes public on new third board

Thursday, 16 Jul 2015

BKS becomes the first-ever Internet-oriented sports enterprise to go public. On July 9th, BKS held the ceremony to announce the IPO officially.

Commercial Wushu league launched in China

Tuesday, 14 Jul 2015

The first professional Wushu league was launched in Beijing on Sunday.

China martial arts expands in US

Sunday, 04 Jan 2015

The Chinese Martial Arts Teaching Service Standardization conference will be held on Feb 22 at the Shaolin Institute in Norcross, Georgia.

International Wushu Federation banned an athlete

Friday, 12 Dec 2014

International Wushu Federation (IWUF) has banned Malaysian athlete Tai Cheau Xuen for doping.

Wushu promotes exchange in China

Thursday, 04 Dec 2014

Sri Lanka’s Wushu players are vying for the chance to represent their country at the national games that kicked off here on Wednesday.

KungFu Competition held by Bulgaria

Monday, 24 Nov 2014

The Fifth Kung Fu Open Competition organized by the Bulgarian BKTF.

World Wushu Championship in Chizhou

Monday, 27 Oct 2014

The 6th World Traditional Wushu Championships kicked off on Sunday in Chizhou city .

The chance to enhance Shaolin Wushu

Monday, 20 Oct 2014

The 10th International Shaolin Wushu Festival opened on 19th Oct in Shaolin Temple.

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