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Kobe Bryant announced partnership with Sina and Alibaba

By Yutang Sports Friday, 12 Jun 2015 11:00

Kobe Bryant, the super star in NBA, five NBA Championships winner, did the analysis on Sina.com for the NBA Final Game 3. More than 66 million people watched G3 online, the comments exceeded 125 thousand. During the live game, Kobe announced the partnership with Sina and Alibaba. The three sides will launch the documentary based on Kobe Bryant Muse. Compared to the US version, the documentary would include more detail. The official website is going to be run exclusively on Sina. Kobe`s company to set a branch in China this summer, who will collaborate with Sina and Alibaba deeply.

While the NBA Final is amazingly fantastic, Bryant`s commentation catches more Chinese fans` attention.Bryant's massive influence in China has helped his worldwide marketability and popularity, and this is another indicator of that. whatever Bryant says on the pregame show should make headlines across the globe.

Bryant`s analysis also attracted American media. USA Today, Yahoo Sports and ESPN reported that. He has almost 3.5 million followers on Weibo, a social media site, and posted Monday that he would be talking about the game and making an announcement about what's coming this summer. NBA has kept the strategic partnership with Sina for 5 years, which gave each other more space to cooperate.

Those gave Kobe Bryant, Sina and Alibaba more chances to work together.

Source: Sina.com



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